Summer is around the corner and people are already planning some amazing destinations to visit this summer. If you are one of them, Dubbo is the perfect vacation spot for you and your family. It is located on the lush green banks of the Macquarie River and comprises of some of the best and breathtaking attractions, and art scenes which provide tourists and locals with an interesting experience. At Dubbo, you can expect a refreshing blend of rural and urban culture, making your experience worthwhile.

When you’ve finally decided to visit Dubbo this summer, here’s a list of 5 locations that you cannot miss:

1. The Cave of Aladdin

You’ll find this building just a few minutes’ drives away from Dubbo. If you wish to experience the awe of Aladdin’s cave, this is a must-see location. This cave bottle house comprises of 3000 bottles from which many include messages, toys, photos and treasures. Therefore, if you’re planning a trip with your family, you cannot miss this place.

2. Taronga Western Plains Zoo

Taronga Western Plains Zoo is one of the most iconic attractions of Dubbo that one can certainly not miss. The zoo provides a range of amazing activities and experiences that can be accommodated as per your schedule and they make sure that your experience is worthwhile. Here you’ll find a wide range of endangered and rare animals such as big cats, giraffes, elephants and rhinos.

3. The Famous Education Centre

This is an education centre that was initiated in June 2011 and since then it has been known to be spreading knowledge about the amazing work of the nurses, doctors and pilots. Here tourists can learn much about the origins of this education centre, it’s situated adjacent to the Dubbo City Regional Airport.

4. Old Dubbo Gaol

This place (fully restored back in the 1800s) comprises of hologram exhibits and animatronics that play a part in showing and bringing to life the history of Australia, a blend of the fascinating time period and that of violence. Hence, there’s a lot to learn from. This place will provide you with an information-rich experience and is a must-visit the location in Dubbo.

5. Dubbo Convention Centre + Theatre

The last one (but not least) is the most interesting one. While you’re enjoying your vacations in Dubbo, enrich your experience by watching a show at the very famous Convention Centre. This centre features a 700 seat auditorium and a theatre that has 500 seats. It is an amazing place to view the various touring shows and local performances. This is situated at 155 Darling St, Dubbo, NSW.

 If you’re still in the process of planning your summer vacations, Dubbo is an amazing place that you should consider. It’s one of the best locations to visit with friends and family.

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