Australia is a well-known country for its mesmerizing scenery of the countryside and for its beautiful outdoors. The presence of greenery with a touch of rustic environment is an x-factor for the country. If you are a fan of rustic life and simple rural beauty, then you need to plan a tour to Australia as it has the best farms, barns, and meadows. People who love to enjoy natural beauty often want to live their special moments around nature and nothing is more special than a wedding day. In this regard, it will not be wrong to say that Australia has the most alluring rustic wedding venues in the world. To help you find these venues effortlessly, we have shortlisted the best rustic wedding venues in Australia.


Caldara is a combination of a farm and barn located in South Wales, Australia. Its simple beauty and outside sitting arrangement are an asset for the wedding planners and guests. This place can literally be your dream place for the perfect wedding. Guide your wedding planners to utilize the amazing outdoor scenery in accordance with the rustic barn. You can use the barn as the cocktail bar and can arrange the whole wedding under the magnificent sun rays. Moreover, the surrounded gardens and lakefront with outdoor fireplaces is a treat for eyes and it will make your wedding even more special.

Mona Farm:

Mona farm located in New South wales, Australia is basically a villa that exhibits the history of Australia blended with contemporary art and rustic life. This farm has the capacity to host 200 people for a wedding or party. The immensely large-sized rustic hall and the outdoor scenery defines perfection perfectly. This barn is made upon 124 acres to make your wedding a big fat affair. It presents both the cultural landscape and English heritage.

The barn Clyde Ridge:

Many of the wedding venues in Australia are present in the south wales side of Australia because of its warm weather and historical buildings. The barn Clyde ridge is located at a perfect place that is under the foot of two mountains. The scene of mountains behind the venues is an excellent background for wedding photography. For this venue, you do not need to hire a wedding planner because the team themselves provide arrangement and cleaning services to their customers. This beautiful place has the capacity to arrange sitting for almost 150 guests.

Gledswood Homestead:

This venue is actually a historic house located in Gledswood hills, surrounded by mountains. Many weddings have already taken place at this venue because of the remarkable view of the gardens and sitting arrangement. Furthermore, this rustic wedding venue has amazing indoor rooms that can be effectively utilized by your wedding planners. The thing that makes this place even more perfect is that the Gledswood team also arrange cocktail events to celebrate a bridal shower. 

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