There is no denying of the fact that a wedding is an important event in one’s life. Every individual wants to make his or her wedding memorable. Nowadays, destination weddings are becoming a top trend. A destination wedding is held somewhere out of a person’s hometown. People prefer destination weddings more today because the destination wedding gives an opportunity to the new couple to enjoy his or her special event to the fullest. Also, a destination wedding saves the couple from the stress of planning a regular wedding which is really a hard task. Australia has many beautiful spots that can be used as a venue for destination weddings. Given below are some lovely, calm, and top spots for destination weddings in Australia:

Hayman Island

Hayman Island is a lovely island in Whitsundays, Australia. If someone is planning a destination wedding in Australia, then Hyman Island is the best option. The palm trees, blue sky, breathtaking views, clean atmosphere, and corporative staff of Hyman resorts are no doubt the best combination for a perfect destination wedding. Also, the surroundings of Hyman Island are so eye-catching that the wedding photographs look even more attractive.


Melbourne, a beautiful city in Australia, is also a top spot for destination weddings. Garden wedding venues in Melbourne can like any other wedding venue accommodate for your every need including menus, outdoor and indoor infrastructure, decorations, lights, atmosphere, river terrace, panorama feature, etc. Garden wedding venues also make your wedding photography even more gorgeous.


Sydney is a busy city of Australia, but it provides a lot of destination weddings spots. The cruise bar, Dunbar house and Taronga centre are some destination wedding venues in Sydney. The simplicity, elegance, and breathtaking views of Sydney make Sydney a top spot for destination weddings. Moreover, the perfect weather of Sydney also helps a lot to make destination weddings celebrated in Sydney more memorable.


There is no doubt that Queensland is the most beautiful Australian state. Rainforests, beautiful beaches, and coasts situated in Queensland make it the best spot for destination weddings. Some of the venues of destination weddings in Queensland are Abbey of the Roses, Bandoleer Rainforest Gardens, Golden and Coast.

Uluru or Ayers rock

Ayers rock also known as Uluru is a beautiful rock in Australia. The beautiful red rock is undoubtedly one of the best places to celebrate a wedding. Resorts or other venues located in Ayers rock provide the best sites, wedding packages, wedding testimonials and much more. One of the best things about celebrating a wedding at Ayers rock is that the location is a little far away from the main city, so it is free of unwanted noise, pollution and other factors that can disrupt your special day.

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