In good weather comes the heat, the sun, the flowers, the beaches… and of course, an awesome hen’s night for your best friend before she finally ties the knot. This post is addressed to the friends of the bride who ask “how do I organize an unforgettable hen’s night? Where do I begin? Where should we go?”

So, if you are getting married, send the link of this post to your best friend, or to the person you want to take care of your hen’s night and do not read this post.

For a destination hen night, first of all, you need organization. So, if your soul sister has asked you to be the one who is responsible for organizing the hen’s night, it means that you will be the singing voice in the organization. Here are the basics to organize an unforgettable bachelorette party.

Oh and just by the way, hen’s nights are nothing like bridal showers. The two are entirely different concepts and you should know the difference between the two before you move forward with this blog.

Queen Bee

The queen bee is normally the best friend the bride, who is chosen to organize her hen’s night. You, as queen bee, are responsible for organizing the night from beginning to end and worry that your friend will spend an unforgettable and perfect day/weekend.

The queen bee is the one in charge of putting order in the group, it is the person who carries the singing voice and who will make a list with the name and telephone of all the contacts involved in the farewell (accommodation, transport, party, excursions, activities, etc.).

The Entourage of the Bride

Who will be at the bachelorette party? You need to know if your girlfriend wants a night only with friends, or wants to have relatives (aunts, sisters, mothers, cousins, etc.).

After establishing what your friend wants, you should list the names of the people who cannot be missing. Why? Because you want the night to be as special for her as possible.


Once you have the list, create a WhatsApp group and add all the people that your friend would like to be at her bachelorette party.  If you don’t know each other, you introduce yourself, comment that you know her and invite them up. After months of talking, sharing ideas and saying crazy things … you will become friends and the hen’s night will be end up being awesome.


What will happen at the bachelorette party? We have a concept and topic of bridal goodbyes, where we only understand alcohol, party, phalluses everywhere, disguise the bride in the tackiest way possible and a straptease of a boy to culminate the night. But not all women dream of spending the night in a nightclub drinking in penis-shaped straws.

The latest trend in bachelorette parties and hen’s nights are hens private function rooms in Melbourne with the bride’s favorite people, a little booze, and loads of fun. Yep, that’s how you can do it gal.

If you’re up for a memorable night with your girls, then you should look for a hen’s night planner and give them a call today! They will most certainly take care of the rest.

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