Cricket is a sport widely loved by people of all ages around the globe. It has numerous health benefits. Also, parents find this particular sport to be a good introduction for their kids to the world of sports. Of course, there are many other sports, but no sport is like cricket which promotes both mental and physical health.

Cricket enthusiasts or people who like cricket often wonder what to carry in their bags. So, if you are also thinking about it, then ahead is a list of gear that you should put in your bag while going out to play cricket. 

Batting Pads

The first thing to have is your batting pads. They are crucial to protect you from unwanted accidents while playing cricket. Also, it has been observed that while playing cricket, you are most likely to get injured in your knee area by the ball. Thus, batting pads take care of that.


Constantly having a bat in your hands can scrape your skin. Thus, never forget to put them in your bag the next time you go out there. Moreover, gloves create friction, which helps you grip the bat better while playing.

Cricket Bat

It doesn’t matter if the match organisers will provide you with a cricket bat or not. You should always have yours at your disposal. Also, as you become accustomed to your own bat, playing with it comes naturally to you. There are many known cricketers who like to play with their own bats. 


Your safety gear is much more important than any other cricket accessory. Thus make sure to add a helmet to the safety list. The ball can swing anywhere and hit your head or face. A cricket helmet will protect the entire area which is above your neck from it. 

Thigh Guard

Batting pads protect the lower part of your legs, and the upper part, such as your thighs, also needs protection. Therefore, you should also put thigh guards in your cricket bag. These two batting pads and thigh guards are worn separately because your knee requires them to function properly. If you wear one guard which covers both areas, then you won’t be able to perform well during the match. 

First Aid Box

Although there is a high probability that most of the players and the organisers will have a first aid box at their disposal. However, you still can’t rule out this item by not putting it in your bag. You won’t know when or where you might need it. Also, having an extra set of first aid boxes won’t hurt anyone.  

Water Bottle

While playing, sipping water is an ideal thing. The match could be exhausting and can leave you dehydrated. Although you should not gulp the whole water down at once, sipping it can decrease the chances of dehydration. Thus, ensure to put a water bottle in your bag.


So these are the must-have accessories that you should have in your cricket bag. Some people prefer to carry playing accessories such as cricket stumps, balls and other gadgets that are used while playing in their bags. After all, a shortage of these kinds of accessories is expected with so many players on the field.

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