Over the years, the use of essential oils has increased due to its beneficial properties. Whether it’s for healing purposes or to help reduce anxiety, people have started using essential oils as a natural remedy for many of their problems. Even with so many advancements in modern medicine, people are still resorting to the use of these oils as a way to feel better. Each essential oil has its own set of ingredients that target different issues such as stress, headaches, muscle or joint pain and even motion sickness.

While travelling some of us suffer through motion sickness and sore muscles due to constant movement. In such cases, different essential oils can be used to help relax the muscles and body. You should make a checklist of all the essential oils you might want to carry with you on your trip. A recovery plan should be made in order to balance your health. It is important to incorporate the use of essential oils in our daily lives so we can minimise the use of medicines and start moving towards a more natural approach. You can use Sandalwood Oil in Australia that has an exotic scent and helps you release tension and stress.

The benefits of essential oils are many, especially if you are travelling. Here are some of the most common essential oils that can be used during travelling:

  1. Black Pepper Essential Oil

Essential oils can make a huge difference especially if are suffering from sore muscles while travelling. Black pepper essential oil is one of the most popular oils that helps ease pain, swelling, and discomfort while assisting the body to heal. The best way to relieve muscle pain is through an oil massage that can have a warming effect because we often suffer from a sore back because of wearing a heavy back all day long on our trip. Thus, it’s important to use this oil to feel better and enjoy your trip.

2. Tea Tree Oil

One of the most common forms of essential oil is tea tree oil as it is quite versatile in nature. Its perfect for a tropical destination as it helps with insect bites. It is also perfect for drying out pimples and making them less noticeable within no time. It has anti fungal properties too so if you suffer from any itchiness if the weather doesn’t suit your skin type, then this oil will work well due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Lemon Essential Oil

The main benefit of a lemon essential oil is that it helps you fight allergies and also helps you recover from a sore throat. This oil helps in stimulation, which works best to comfort a sore throat because there is nothing worse then falling sick while travelling. Add a few drops of this oil with honey in a glass of hot water and you wont need to take any medicine.

Thus, more and more people are resorting to these methods rather than just taking medicines to relieve their pain and inflammation.

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