Headlights of any car have been the signature look since long ago. From halogens to xenon HID bulbs and now to the LEDs (light emitting diode), headlights have been modified over time for efficient consumption of energy as well as a brighter look. Unlike old-time vehicle manufacturers are switching to LED lights instead of halogens and xenon HID bulls, which consume more energy and are less efficient than LEDs.

If you are thinking of upgrading your vehicle lights to LED, this guide is for you. Ahead is everything You Need To Know about the benefits of upgrading to LED lights for your vehicle

Conservation Of Energy

The energy input-to-output ratio of LEDs is much greater than that of halogens and xenon HID bulbs. They convert electrical energy into illuminating light much easier and more efficiently. Since headlights consume car batteries to produce light, having LEDs installed preserve your car battery from depleting faster. LEDs use 40%less energy than xenon lights and 60% less energy than halogen lights which also helps reduce taxes on cars.


In comparison to all the lights, LEDs have the longest life span out of all car lights. They can last from about 10,000 miles to 20,000 miles and sometimes even more. This feature not only helps you save money on replacing your car lights, but it can just last about the entire time you own the car.


LEDs offer more accurate coverage over areas where light is needed; this allows the drivers to see in difficult situations, which helps you protect yourself from making a deadly turn. Many off-road drivers use LEDs to navigate through difficult terrain, making them the ultimate headlights for the vehicle.


LEDs can also be used in bad weather to see clearly, like in fog, heavy snowfall or hazy conditions where visibility is poor. Unlike yellow light, which reaches up to a few metres and then reflects off/bounces off to the dense fog resulting in low visibility, on the other hand, LEDs produce more penetrating white light, which results in increased visibility.

More Lumen With Perfect Temperature Of Colour 

Since light produced from LED has a colour temperature of about 5000k which is close to sunlight rather than halogens, this unique feature provides the driver with a natural sensation of light as compared to other light, and it reflects significantly less in the eyes of other drivers. Since LEDs have more lumens, it serves as a better and more powerful alternative to other lights and unlike the traditional system, LEDs do not require a filter to acquire colour.


Since the time when the bulb was invented, energy consumption and the illumination it produces have been a major controversy in the field of nits. Many bulbs were made to give drivers a better visual range for safe driving. Due to online shopping services, now you can easily buy LED driving lights online with some discounts.

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