Lately the general situation in the real estate market, especially in Australia is out of control. The demand for housing and properties has risen lately. The real estate market is living one of its best moment, and if there is something that agents have learnt is that a Penthouse rarely decreases its price, since it’s one of the most demanded type of houses. If you are looking for a penthouse and want to invest in a foundation, you need to consider some important points on a large scale. Take a subtle look at what to look for when buying a Penthouse in this article.

An incredible view

Most people are actually willing to pay more for a penthouse because of its stunning views, which are for most of the time stunning. The privilege of a good view to the city or, if you are lucky enough to live in a coastal city, also to the sea is valuable and is really appreciated by both buyers and tenants. Good views increase the property value in a significant way. Make sure to choose a view you love, because you are going to see it for a long time.

Perfect Floor Plan

Not all floor plans are created equal, neither are they always perfect. However, make sure to choose one that adapts to your needs in the best possible way. These days, open concept floor plans are booming because they are more adaptable and you have the chance to customize the space. There is also something liberating about having a wide open room, qualities that most homebuyers seek in their homes.


In most building privacy is impossible. Good quality of live in your home includes privacy, to enjoy your alone time and also the company the way you want, without feeling shy or having to compromise your needs. This is something we all appreciate and should be considered when buying a luxury home. A penthouse with three or four apartments around it doesn’t have the luxury you are looking for. Living on the same floor as the entire many other apartment is no a no for many.

Fortunately, most penthouses have amenities like this. Penthouses are usually found on the top floors of a building, so you won’t have to deal with upstairs neighbors. You can be the only person on your floor, or one of only two or three, which significantly decreases the amount of noise from your neighbors reaching you. It may imply having your own private outdoor room, as well as having access to a gym, pool, or other amenities.

Available Parking

No matter how small or awesome the plan is, if you don’t have parking space, it’s a big turn down. Penthouse buyers often have one or many cars, which are important for mobility in the city. If you want to sell your home in the future at a good market value, parking is a must, even if you don’t drive.

Final Thoughts:

On the internet, you can easily find estate agents that specialize in penthouses, but make sure you do your homework first.

For inspiration, you can take a look the best party apartments in Brisbane.  

During the pandemic and the lockdown situation, spending time inside is a pleasure when you live in a comfortable place like a penthouse, you can even start some DIY home renovations to personalize and make your house even more beautiful!

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