Relax amid a bright sky, palm trees, and open space to get away from the city’s suffocating turmoil. Nothing beats a nice camping site for untangling all of life’s tensions and stressors. There are many beautiful camping and hiking locations in NSW, and setting up your tent doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, we’ve discovered some stunning campgrounds that are absolutely free!

Here are our 10 leading free camping locations in New South Wales.

1. Old Olney Camping Area

This location, located west of Lake Macquarie, is very stunning! Start by taking one of the woodland treks, such as the Abbotts Falls Walking Track or the Rock Lily Walking Track, which are both great for families. You may swim in the surrounding streams and hike the Great North Walk if you camp in the Basin. There are campfires and BBQs available, and the area is pet-friendly.

2. Ngarigo Campground

This location is ideal for families that like horseback riding, fishing, hiking, or travelling during the summer. You’ll discover rivers teeming with rainbow and brown trout, as well as the occasional platypus. The Thredbo Valley Track and the Kosciuszko trek are two of the many paths that provide bushwalking and mountain riding.¬†Alternatively, you may simply get in your car and drive around the region! For your meals utilizing the wood BBQs and picnic tables, you will need to stock up on firewood and drinking water at neighbouring Jindabyne or Thredbo.

3. Bummaroo Ford Campground

Hike along the Abercrombie River with your swimsuit on, or rent a canoe or kayak and paddle across it. The lovely golden wattles and red and yellow Callistemon (bottlebrushes) along with the river bloom in the spring, attracting feeding birds and frogs to the water’s edge. Near the campground, look for kangaroos and wallabies, or wait quietly by the waterholes after dark to see a platypus.

4. Oxley Wild River

At the Oxley Wild River National Park campsite, you will find a plethora of dramatic jungles and cascading waterfalls. The two free camping locations are Budds Mare and Dangars Gorge, both of which are pet-friendly! There are restrooms, barbeque grills, cell phone service, and plenty of fishing.

5. Ellenborough Reserve

Kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, possums, and echidnas may all be seen soaring through the trees, as well as kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, possums, and echidnas. Bring your own water for bathing and drinking, as well as fuel for the wood-fired grills. If the weather is warm enough, you’ll find swimming holes that are ideal for a swim.

6. Ingar Campground

In this stunning location, you may experience the genuine Australian bush. Explore the walking routes and mountain-biking tracks on Ingar Creek, or swim or paddle in the dam. After a barbeque supper, take out the torch and search for sugar gliders, possums, and bandicoots in the local nightlife. Every crevice is infused with Aboriginal culture, and you’ll almost likely stumble across a waterfall or two on your travels!

7. Paddys River Falls

The term conjures up images of swimming and fishing. Horseback riding, mountain biking, and bushwalking are also available. Crouch near the dam in the evenings to see if you can glimpse a platypus. Bring your own firewood and appropriate clothing, since it may get chilly even during the summer.

8. Rocky River Fossicking Area Camping Area

Relive the heyday of the California Gold Rush. Collect your gold prospecting equipment from the Uralla Visitor Information Centre and take the youngsters gold prospecting! There are shallow swimming holes that are ideal for small children. Make sure to stock up on firewood for the grills.

9. Blackbird Flat Camping Ground

You’ll have lots of possibilities to enjoy a day of fishing, swimming, or canoeing if you’re sitting right next to a river. Picnics are also welcome in the wide grassy area, and after a full lunch, take a bike or a walk along the paths.

10. Newtons Crossing Campground

Stretch your legs along the stream and spend the day swimming, fishing, or plunging into the swimming holes. Near the campground, there are also some canoeing and kayaking opportunities. Take a vehicle trip to the region to appreciate the beautiful beauty of the area.

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